Gary Stark


I don't actually expect be be elected, rather this is a demonstration of what I believe we should expect from those seeking office.  We should NOT be satisfied with the usual vagaries, but instead demand concrete proposals on how our MANY problems will be solved.  And if a candidate wishes to adopt any of these ideas, all the better.



Foreign Policy

The goal of foreign policy
should be world peace,
not the furthering of economic interests. This video is my proposal for reforming our foreign policy.


Climate Change
Global Plan

The Paris Climate Accords are not moving us in the right direction fast enough.  This is my proposal for accelerating the transition.


Climate Change
USA Plan

A summary of efforts needed to combat climate change within the United States.



We face numerous environmental challenges, not just climate change.  A few ideas...


Fish decline - establish zones

Single-Use Plastics

This is a proposal for transitioning away from single-use plastics.  There is much to be done, but this is a start...


Immigration Reform

This video is my proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Solving Homelessness

This is not my video, but it describes the successful approach to addressing the homeless problem, calle
d "Housing First".


An explanation of why we need to reform our healthcare system.


Bridging the Divide

A proposal for forcing conversation on the issues dividing us, through a series of national debates.


Tell the President

A proposal for using technology to make the government more representative of the people.



A proposal for modernizing our transportation system.




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