Gary Stark




Foreign Policy

The goal of foreign policy
should be world peace,
not the furthering of economic interests. This video is my proposal for achieving this objective.


Climate Change
Global Effort

The Paris Climate Accords are not moving us in the right direction fast enough.  This is my proposal for defining our cooperation.


Climate Change

A summary of efforts needed to combat climate change...



We face numerous environmental challenges, not just climate change.  A few ideas...


Fish decline - establish zones

Single-Use Plastics

This is a proposal for transitioning away from single-use plastics.  There is much to be done, but this is a start...


Immigration Reform

This video is my proposal for overhauling our immigration system

Sustainable by number, humane by logistics


We must revolutionize transportation, starting with There are two primary objectives:  First, transition to all electric vehicles.  Second, transition to fully autonomous control.

 A modern transportation will benefit both the economy and the environment.

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Compare people in UK, France, Canada with people in US

Team Effort

(vid explaining MANY televised sessions and debates, tellthepresident, and together



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