Cookie Monster Munch

CCW - parent perceptions.pdf
Compute Magazine - Sesame Street and Interactive TV.pdf
The Literary Guide.pdf
Video Games - Summer Fun.pdf
letter from CCW.pdf
                                        Review by VideoGamesRevisited

Star Raiders II
(Originally developed as The Last Starfighter)
Starfighter 800 Manual.pdf
Starfighter 5200 Manual.pdf

Star Raiders II

The Last Starfighter

2012-07-30 (2).pdf
animation scripts.pdf
badguy bios.pdf
Bloodsport Addendum.pdf
Bloodsport Changes.pdf
Bloodsport Focus Group Summary.pdf
collection reports.pdf
fight moves.pdf
Initiation Packet.pdf
localization text.pdf
magazine references.pdf
marketing player survey.pdf
Option Settings.pdf
Pit-Fighter Player Survey.pdf
Pit-Fighter Universal Kit Installation Instructions.pdf
review 2.pdf
review 3.pdf
review 4.pdf
statistic sheets.pdf
VENDING TIMES - Sept 1990.pdf


Guardians of the Hood

Screen Tests


cost estimate comparisons.pdf
Guardians security.pdf
name emails.pdf
PitFighter II Concept Approval.pdf
PitFighter II cost estimate.pdf
Pit-Fighter Success Analysis.pdf
Warrior 1st Review Summary.pdf
Warrior 2nd Review Meeting Packet.pdf
Warrior Focus.pdf
Warrior Initiation.pdf
Warrior Pre-Focus Review Meeting Packet.pdf





2012-08-08 (1).pdf
2012-08-08 (2).pdf
2012-08-08 (3).pdf
Collections Report 2.pdf
collections report.pdf
monitor option.pdf
Play Meter - Oct 1994.pdf
RePlay - July 1994.pdf
RePlay - Oct 1994.pdf
RePlay - Sept 1994.pdf
TANK cabinets.pdf
TANK Concept Approval.pdf
TANK Focus Group Summary.pdf
TANK initiated.pdf
TANK initiation feedback.pdf
TANK initiation packet.pdf
TANK review 1 feedback.pdf
TANK Review 2.pdf
TANK Review 3.pdf


Other game packets (not mine) that I collected while at Atari...

Beavis and Butt-head.pdf
Cyclotron Initiation Packet.pdf
Hero Concept Approval.pdf
Hero Project Initiation.pdf
High Attraction T-Mek Concept Approval.pdf
Hoop Fighter Concept Approval.pdf
Hoopfighter Initiation Packet.pdf
Quarter Deck Project Initiation.pdf
RidgeRunner II Initiation Packet.pdf
San Francisco Rush Concept Approval.pdf
Shaulin Vengence Concept Approval.pdf
Thunderjaws Initiation Packet.pdf
Trench Concept Approval.pdf


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